Reha Sukheja ( Taaza khabar Suhani ) Full Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Who is “Reha Sukheja” in Fewer words:

Full Name/Real NameReha Sukheja
Age34 years (as of 2024)
Birth DateSeptember 6, 1990
Current ResidenceHyderabad
Height6 feet 1 inch,
1.85 (meter),
185.928 (cm)
Weight61 kg
SchoolShe completed her schooling in Hyderabad
Highest QualificationBachelor’s degree in Economics
Professionmodel, actress, and dancer
Zodiac SignVirgo
FatherRaj Sukheja
MotherRenu Sukheja
BrotherRohit Sukheja
SisterNo Sister
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandVeer Aryan

Taaza Khabar Suhani Actress Name

Taaza Khabar Suhani Verma Actress Name

Taaza Khabar has Reha Sukheja as “Suhani Verma”. She was an entrepreneur before met Vasant.

It happened like this:

CEO of a cosmetics brand is Suhani. She feels hopeless and thinks of terminating her life because of the financial issues at her company.

Visant hires Suhani as a model for Madhu’s fashion photo shoot. Who knows when Vasant and Suhani first met? Throughout the whole photo shoot, she thinks Vasant harbors affections for Suhani.

After then, Vasant covers Suhani’s business costs. This is where they part ways.

New Year’s Eve party in Vasant’s new home. Vasant learns from Shetty that he had been seeing Madhu covertly before they ever met. With obvious wrath, Vasant kisses Suhani in front of Madhu and everyone else. Suhani leaves as Vasant abruptly calls the celebration to an end.

who is suhani verma

Reha Sukheja Bio

Reha Sukheja Biography

Just hearing the name “Reha Sukheja” makes one think of a vibrant, flexible person. An actress, model, and dancer of note. September 6, 1990, saw Reha born in the vibrant Indian metropolis of Kolkata. Her family moved to Hyderabad when she was twelve years old, and there she finished her secondary school. She has shown incredible tenacity and resiliency on her path from Kolkata to Hyderabad and, finally, to the glamorous world of performing.

Reha Sukheja’s Early Life and Education

Indian Kashmir is the birthplace of Reha, whose parents are Kolkatan. Hyderabad was where she completed her official schooling. She studied economics since she wanted to prove to the world how gifted and brilliant she was. Following graduation, she entered the glittering world and was hired for a great position.

Reha Sukheja Family

Reha Sukheja Family photo

Among the Sukheja family are Raj and Renu, Rohit, a brother, and Kanupriya Gupta, a sister-in-law. Everyone of them is nearby. Her tight-knit family brings her comfort and joy. The love and encouragement of her family keep her smiling through the thrilling events of life.

Her Carrier

Reha has been a model, actress, and dancer among her numerous talents. Her Hindu and Indian roots go nicely with her stunning black eyes and glossy black hair. Among the tallest models in India, Reha stands six feet and one inch tall. This gives her an original sense of flair.

She came up fast in the entertainment industry after winning Miss Universe India 1st Runner-up in 2010. When she received this prize, which launched her career, dancers and designers rushed to her. She is largely renowned in the fashion business for her modeling career, which is a result of her height and grace.

Apart from her profession, Reha enjoys to travel, model, and spend time with her family. Reha Sukheja is happy in her marriage even if she has a stressful life. Success is abounding in both her personal and professional lives.

Reha Sukheja Boyfriend / Husband

Reha Sukheja Boyfriend and Husband

Actor Veer Aryan, who plays parts in web series, Bollywood, and Malayalam, is married to Reha. His love of dance, music, and movies enhances their life. Apart from getting married, he motivates Reha as well. Their lives are better and his dedication to exercise shows that they value health.

Reha Sukheja Net Worth

Reha Sukheja Net Worth

How wealthy Reha is, nobody knows. Her passions, modeling, acting, dancing, and perhaps even advertising, might provide a life. Spending, assets, and income all affect personal wealth.

Reha Social Handles

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10 Interesting Facts about Reha

  1. She is six feet one inch tall, one of the tallest models in India. In the beauty and modelling professions, this distinguishes her.
  2. 2010 saw her place first runner-up in Miss Universe India. Her effortlessness, grace, and beauty were noticed around the nation.
  3. Though her work is glamourous, she has an outstanding academic background. Her intention in majoring in economics was to become a model and flaunt her intelligence.
  4. Reha Sukheja has loved dancing all of her life. She threw herself into dance, learning about it from a scientific standpoint until it became a part of who she was.
  5. Her talents are in modeling, dancing, and acting. With her several pursuits, she has shown herself to be competent and adaptable.
  6. Her commitment to exercise accounts for her height and grace. Together with her three weekly dance classes, she spends thirty minutes a day working out her core and cardiovascular system.
  7. Reha has walked the runways of major fashion weeks including Amazon India and Lakme. She regularly walks the Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi catwalks.
  8. Concord She is overburdened, yet she still finds a good work-life balance. Her spending of time with friends and family demonstrates her stability.
  9. Traveling and studying about other cultures are two of her passions. Travel is something she loves to do and feels is a necessary aspect of life.
  10. Her mindset is upbeat, and she is always eager for new adventures. Embracing each opportunity comes effortlessly to her.


Where was Reha Sukheja born?

Reha was born in Kolkata, India.

What is Reha Sukheja’s height?

She stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall, making her one of the tallest models in India.

What is Reha Sukheja’s educational background?

Reha majored in Economics.

Is Reha Sukheja married?

Yes, Reha is married to Veer Aryan, an actor.

What are Reha Sukheja’s hobbies?

Reha enjoys traveling, modeling, and spending time with friends and family.

What is Reha Sukheja’s career?

Reha is a model, actress, and dancer.

Has Reha Sukheja won any awards?

Yes, She was the First Runner-up at the Miss Universe India pageant in 2010.

Where does Reha currently reside?

She currently resides in Hyderabad, India.

What is Reha Sukheja’s favorite type of diamond jewelry?

She prefers simple, elegant diamond jewelry, such as round cut solitaires.

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